Intel abandons Rambus for low, mid-range PCs

Some good news out there on the Rambus front. According to documents that Cahners Electronics Group got their hands on, Intel will be dropping support for Rambus in it's low to mid line products. Here's a quote from the news post.
Aug 11, 2000 --- Intel Corp. has pulled the plug on plans to use Rambus direct memory in the mainstream PC market, according to confidential documents obtained by Electronic News.

Intel's Desktop 2001 Roadmap Update indicates direct Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) will only be used in the high-end desk-top market. Until last month, Intel had promised that RDRAM would be the exclusive memory for the Pentium 4 (P4). Now an undefined SDRAM memory (probably PC133 or DDR) will be used in its place.

If this proves to be true, now would be a good time to sell any RMBS stock you might have been holding on to. Does this mean Intel will be producing it's own DDR chipset, violating it's contract with Rambus? Only time will tell. If we're really lucky, maybe this will become the final nail in RMBS's coffin.
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