DDR2 overtakes DDR as most popular system RAM

A little over three months after the launch of AMD's Socket AM2 processors, DDR2 has finally taken over DDR as the most popular type of PC memory on the market. This information comes from memory market research firm DRAMeXchange, which told PC World that the balance tipped this week in both the contract market and the spot market (i.e. where deliveries take place instantly) for DRAM memory. With this report also comes word that DDR2 prices are increasing due to high demand during the back-to-school season. DDR2 memory chips cost 8.8% more this week than the previous week, and prices should stay high throughout September, DRAMeXchange says.

Looking ahead, leaked roadmaps suggest that Intel plans to launch chipsets with DDR3 memory support as early as the third quarter of next year. Samsung, meanwhile, will have started production of DDR3 memory before the end of this year, according to previous reports.

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