Poll: What is your primary PC's CPU cooler?

We've just put up a new poll, and this time we're asking about the processor cooler in your primary machine. With tray-picked "OEM" processors now a fairly rare sight at online retailers, those who build their own PCs will likely have purchased a retail-boxed processor with an included heatsink and fan combo. Have you held on to this cooler for your primary system, or did you invest in a beefier or quieter aftermarket model? Go vote and let us know!

In our last poll, we quizzed you about your favored combination of processor, chipset, and graphics processor manufacturers. The largest portion of you (28%) seems to prefer pairing an AMD processor with Nvidia core logic and an Nvidia graphics card. The second-biggest group, with 18% of votes, is more partial to Intel processors, Intel chipsets, and Nvidia graphics. That leaves roughly equal numbers (12-13%) liking Intel, Nvidia, Nvidia, and Intel, Intel, ATI combos, with all other options receiving 10% of votes or less.

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