Big Blue set to keep Moore's law going strong

After wiping all the salmon sperm off of Moore's law, IBM has come up with several new technologies that will help keep the tech industry on track with the 35-year-old rule for some time to come.

The new technologies being developed by IBM center around something they're calling V-Grove. V-Grove is a new way of manufacturing transistors on a silicon circuit. Currently most CPU's are manufactured using a 0.18 micron or 180 nanometer process. The V-Groove technology will allow for transistors only 10 nanometers long -- or 0.01 microns. According to the article, IBM has already produced samples of transistors manufactured using this new process.

The other technology Big Blue is experimenting with is carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotube structures are made from rolled sheets of carbon hexagons, and could be used as interconnects between transistors on a circuit.

The article then goes on to discuss how Moore's law may be affected by newer methodologies in chip design, and they discuss other aspects of computer performance. You can check out the original ZDNet article here.

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