Battlefield 2142, others to have live in-game ads

Three short months after Microsoft's purchase of live in-game ad firm Massive, Electronic Arts has announced that it will start putting dynamic ads in upcoming titles for both the PC and Xbox 360, including Battlefield 2142 and Need for Speed: Carbon. Massive will build ads into the latter, while another in-game ad company known as IGA Worldwide will take care of Battlefield 2142. Some ads will be updated dynamically over the Internet, and others will remain static. The ads will also be tailored to fit naturally into games, and IGA says it will keep its ads "in context with game themes."

Of course, since Battlefield 2142 takes place 136 years in the future in a world hit by sudden glaciation, that might be a tough promise to keep. Interestingly, none of the companies involved disclosed the financial underpinnings of the advertising deals, nor did they say whether in-game ads might help lower game prices.

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