ForceWare 91.47 drivers released

Nvidia has updated its official ForceWare drivers to version 91.47, bringing them up to speed with Quad SLI multi-GPU setups. Support for Quad SLI was already included into the official 91.45 release that came out three weeks ago, but Nvidia offered that release separately from the main GeForce and TNT2 drivers that were only up to version 91.31. The latest 91.47 ForceWare drivers do away with the split and add support for Nvidia's new GeForce 7600 GS AGP and GeForce 7100 GS graphics cards in the process. These drivers also fix a number of Quad SLI-related bugs present in the 91.45 release, as well as many other SLI and single-GPU bugs that were in both the 91.31 and 91.45 drivers. A complete list of bug fixes can be seen in Nvidia's release notes (PDF), and the new drivers can be downloaded here.
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