Radeon X1300 travels back in time, goes PCI

PCI may be a few generations behind in the graphics card department, but some are still stuck without an AGP or PCI Express x16 slot. Others just want to run a slew of monitors off of a single PC. For those users (and anyone else fond of PCI graphics cards,) VisionTek has launched a PCI version of ATI's Radeon X1300 graphics card. The card is outfitted with 256MB of memory and comes in a low-profile form factor with DVI, VGA, and high-definition TV outputs. Core and memory clock speeds are a respective 450MHz and 266MHz (533MHz effective,) a touch higher than the 450MHz/250MHz clocks found on most PCI-E Radeon X1300 models. VisionTek says the new card is already available for sale, and a look through our price search engine confirms this statement. PCI users will have to pony up over $110 for the card, though, which is a good bit higher than some of its PCI-E siblings.
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