GeForce 6 cards inherit transparency antialiasing

When the NV44-based GeForce 7100 GS graphics card came out last week, HKEPC reported that Nvidia had back ported Intellisample 4.0 antialiasing and PureVideo HD video acceleration support from the G7x series to the new card. Intellisample 4.0 covers antialiasing features like transparency antialiasing and gamma-adjusted blends. The Hong Kong-based site now reports that, with the latest ForceWare 91.47 drivers, Nvidia has added transparency AA support to GeForce 6-series cards. An anonymous manufacturer told HKEPC it was able was able to enable transparency AA with both a GeForce 6600 GT and a GeForce 6800 GS with the 91.47 ForceWare drivers, but not with the previous 91.31 version.

We've installed the 91.47 ForceWare drivers on a system with a GeForce 6800 GS graphics card to test out this claim, and transparency AA is indeed available in both supersampled and multisampled modes in the Nvidia control panel. Gamma-correct antialiasing isn't, though, so Nvidia apparently didn't back-port the GeForce 7 series' whole array of antialiasing features. Nevertheless, a quick game of Half-Life 2 revealed nicely antialiased chain-link fences, so GeForce 6-series card owners have gained an extra image quality feature.

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