Of Godzillas and chips

Rambus will not be going away quietly. The company has filed another patent infringement suit against Infineon over SDRAM. Clearly, Intel's recent misfirings and poor execution with Rambus have forced Intel to release some kind of SDRAM solution and extend the life of the Pentium III. The imminent release of AMD's Corvette is even causing Sony to look elsewhere for a mobile solution for their Vaio line of notebooks. It never made sense to me that Rambus stock was worth more than Intel stock.

Speaking for myself, this whole year has been about waiting for DDR memory to be released. I don't have a personal stake in this, and I'm not rabidly against Rambus as some of you out there. But if Rambus does indeed become the de facto memory standard, I hope they win because they succeed in the marketplace, and not because they win in the courtroom or through legal settlements. Right now, the market is resisting Rambus.

Bert McComas of Inquest has publicly revealed some of Intel's plans in a good article. There are also good asf's and pdf's for those of us who did not make it to Platform 2000, or better yet, go here if you do not want to submit your e-mail address. If and when the Pentium 4 and i850 Tahoma combination is released this fall/winter, then it's going to be put up or shut up time for Rambus, which could make this fall's Comdex very interesting.

By the way, it is good to see Azonic back and active on this site.

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