TR Forum Tidings: Mobo choices for the Core 2 Duo

We looked at pete_roth's thread on Core 2 Duo overclocking a couple of weeks ago. Now, with the Core 2 Duo more than a month old, users of the new Intel chip have likely become well acquainted with their motherboard of choice. With that in mind, forum regular TheDVDMan is now asking, which Core 2 Duo motherboard do you use? The thread only a day old, so not many of our forum gerbils have had a chance to reply yet. However, Asus' P5B, P5N, and P5W offerings currently have the most mentions.

Have you had a chance to experiment with some other boards yourself? If so, what do you think of them? Whether you have insights to share or simply want to brag about your chosen Core 2 Duo motherboard, why not register an account and hop into the discussion?

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