New driver chip allows dynamic LCD brightness

The folks at Samsung have come up with a new display driver chip that can dynamically adjust the backlight of LCDs in handheld devices. The driver chip uses a photo sensor to measure ambient light and determine necessary brightness and saturation for displays on the fly:
The photosensor and intelligent driver divides the detected light into 32 levels. The device then selects the most appropriate image enhancement algorithm for each level, making the colors more lifelike. . . . The enhancement algorithm analyzes color data for each pixel and reconfigures it to an optimally recognizable condition by adjusting brightness and saturation for crisper visibility. With the primary colors intensified, the LCD images remain bright even when the display is exposed to direct sunlight.
Samsung says the driver can also deliver power consumption savings of almost 30% by automatically reducing display brightness indoors. Mass-production of the driver is scheduled to begin by the end of the year, and going by an article on Korea's Chosun Ilbo, the chip will find its way into cell phones, MP3 players, and other portable media players.
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