Intel to largely ditch FB-DIMM memory in 2008?

FB-DIMMs are the new standard for systems based on the latest Xeon processors, but Intel's love affair with the memory type could be short-lived. According to a report by The Inquirer, 90% of Intel's server lineup will do away with FB-DIMMs and move back to registered DIMMs in 2008. The story says the 90% figure suggests Intel could relegate FB-DIMMs to quad-socket systems, which reportedly make up about 10% of the server market.

This backpedaling supposedly has to do with the introduction of so-called microbuffer technology for registered DIMMs. The Inq's details are scarce, but the site says microbuffer technology allows registered DIMMs to enjoy some of the advantages of FB-DIMMs without requiring the same on-module memory buffer chips, hence reducing both cost and power consumption.

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