Sapphire mistakenly added to Nvidia's partner list

Staff at Sapphire say they were shocked when they saw their company listed in an Nvidia press release yesterday. The press release, which has since been corrected, listed Sapphire among Nvidia's add-in partners slated to offer GeForce 7900 GS and GeForce 7950 GT graphics cards. The addition tied in with a statement made by Sapphire CEO KD Au back in April; Au said the "best thing to do" for Sapphire was to stop being dependent on ATI alone for graphics processors.

However, Au told X-bit labs today that Sapphire's appearance in the Nvidia partner list was "not authorized" and that Sapphire has "made no decision at this point in time concerning working with Nvidia." An Nvidia spokesman echoed Au, stating, "There was a mistake in our release, Sapphire name [sic] should have been Power Color/Zogis." Zogis reportedly has its marketing handled by the same team as PowerColor, although its cards are manufactured by a different company.

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