Microsoft says it could delay Vista in Europe

European consumers seem to be getting nothing but bad news this week. Yesterday, Sony announced that the European launch of its PlayStation 3 console would be pushed back four months to March 2007, and now Microsoft is suggesting that it may have to delay the European launch of Windows Vista. Instead of blue laser diode shortages, Microsoft lays blame on the European Commission’s antitrust requirements for the possible delay. The company says it has made proposals to address the Commission’s concerns about Vista, adding, “Once we receive the Commission’s response, we will know whether the Commission is seeking additional product design changes that would result in delay in Europe.”

In response to Microsoft’s statement, the Commission says the claims about a potential delay are misleading and that “it is not up to the Commission to give Microsoft a green light before Vista is put on the market.” Instead, the Commission says it’s up to Microsoft to comply with EU competition rules as it was ordered to do in the infamous 2004 antitrust ruling.

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