Poll: Will you upgrade to Vista when it comes out?

While it could face delays in Europe, Windows Vista is only about four months away from its scheduled January 2007 release. Considering the numerous improvements it brings over Windows XP as well as the positive feedback the new Release Candidate 1 build seems to be getting, will you be one of those queuing outside your local computer store on release day with your credit card out? Do you plan to take a wait and see approach and make sure the operating system has no hidden caveats before upgrading? Are you even a Windows user, or perhaps perfectly happy to stick with Windows XP? Vote and let us know!

Our last poll asked if you cool your main PC’s processor with a stock or aftermarket cooler. Voters were split roughly 3:2 in favor of aftermarket options; 64% use a third-party heatsink and fan, while 35% have decided to stick with stock cooling. The remaining 1% (22 voters) have no idea what they use, so it’s probably safe to assume they’re part of the stock cooler camp.

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