Intel's VPro business platform makes its debut

VPro was officially unveiled back in April, but Intel has now announced the introduction of the new business platform in desktop PCs worldwide. Those systems include Core 2 Duo processors, Intel Q965 chipsets, and Intel 82566DM Gigabit Ethernet controllers. The VPro platform's main selling points are the Core 2 Duo processor with its built-in support for Virtualization Technology (VT) as well as the Q965 chipset's Active Management Technology (AMT).

VT and the Core 2 Duo are nothing particularly new, but AMT allows admins to manage PCs remotely even if they're switched off or the operating system is failing. Intel claims early trials with "select Fortune 500 companies" showed that systems with AMT can cut PC maintenance and labor costs by an average of 40%. VPro business PCs don't appear to be available from Dell or HP quite yet, but Intel says "major PC makers" began introducing the platform yesterday and that more systems from other manufacturers will follow in the coming weeks and months.

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