Deal of the week: GeForce 7900 GS bonanza

In our deal post this week, we're bringing you a couple of graphics cards based on Nvidia's new GeForce 7900 GS. As we saw in our review, the GeForce 7900 GS offers performance very close to that of the $260+ GeForce 7900 GT for just $199. The new card has already begun to appear in stores, and a couple of models by eVGA have caught our eye.

At $199.99, the eVGA 256-P2-N620-AR GeForce 7900 GS is one of the cheapest models available, and it comes with a couple of perks. First, it's bundled with Hitman: Blood Money. Customers who register the card with eVGA are also eligible for the company's step-up program, which allows a 90-day time period to trade in the card for a newer or faster model (you do have to pay the difference to step up to a more expensive offering, though.) In addition to the step-up program, the 256-P2-N620-AR is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

For an extra $30, the eVGA 256-P2-N625-AR GeForce 7900 GS is the only model we could find with HDCP support—a requirement for the playback of copy-protected Blu-ray and HD DVD content. This card also offers fairly nice factory "overclocking" from the stock 450MHz core and 660MHz (1.32GHz effective) memory speeds to 500MHz/690MHz. Like its cheaper sibling, this model also includes Hitman: Blood Money, eligibility for eVGA's step-up program, and a lifetime warranty.

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