First Wii processors shipped to Nintendo

IBM has shipped the first "Broadway" processors that will power Nintendo's upcoming Wii console, EE Times reports. Much like AMD's current Athlon 64 and Opteron chips, the IBM-made Broadway CPUs are built on 90nm silicon-on-insulator process technology. Going by older reports, the Broadway chip runs at 729MHz and is based on IBM's PowerPC architecture. The Xbox 360's "Xenos" processor and the Power Processor Element inside the Cell chip from Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 are also PowerPC-based designs from IBM.

Speaking of Cell, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi recently disclosed that his company had over three million Cell processors in stock and that production of the chips was "progressing smoothly."

Since the PS3 is scheduled to launch in North America and Japan in November, the comparatively tardy processor shipments for the Wii could suggest a later launch date. That said, a report by CNN Money from two months ago quoted industry sources as saying they expected the Wii to launch either this month or in October.

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