ATI brand to survive for graphics, not chipsets?

While one spokesman for AMD officially said the ATI brand name would not be dropped after the red team's pending acquisition, AMD's plans may be a little more complex. The folks at X-bit labs have received word from Russian sources that the ATI brand will indeed survive in the discrete graphics sector, but that ATI's consumer electronics products and AMD chipsets will be re-branded to bear the AMD name. Interestingly, the sources claim ATI's chipsets for Intel processors will retain their red-and-white branding. (Going by other rumors, though, those chipsets may not stick around for very long.) As for trademarks, the Russian sources say the Radeon name will of course survive, as will the red team's consumer electronics product brands like Xilleon. The fate of the Xpress naming scheme for ATI's core logic chipsets is not yet clear.
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