Subpoena issued to ATI in AMD vs. Intel case

Intel asked the judge overseeing the U.S. AMD vs. Intel antitrust case to subpoena ATI last month, and the red team has now been invited along as requested. ATI is required to provide a variety of documents to the court, including anything related to the strategic motives behind its acquisition by AMD, all documents related to the buyout's financial underpinnings, and all documents related to the effects of the transaction on competition in chipsets, graphics, and processors.

The request also covers information regarding AMD's past and present competitiveness with Intel, including any documents addressing deficiencies of AMD's mobile products and any comparisons between Intel's Stable Image Platform Program and AMD's Commercial Stable Image Platform program made since January 2002. A complete list of the demands is available on page nine of the subpoena issuance, which is graciously hosted by The Inquirer.

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