Mushkin intros 2GB low-latency DDR2 modules

Corsair and OCZ are busy fighting it out over who can come up with the speediest DDR2 memory possible, but the two companies have so far stuck to 1GB DDR2 modules for enthusiasts. For those who feel like exploiting the ability of 64-bit systems to break the 4GB memory barrier, Mushkin has introduced some "Enhanced Performance" 2GB memory modules and 4GB dual-channel kits. The EM2-4200 modules only run at 533MHz—less than half the speed of today's fastest 1GB sticks—but they sport relatively tight timings of 4-4-4-12. Since voltage is also just 1.8V, overclockers might be able to squeeze a few extra MHz out of them. The new modules don't seem to be up on Mushkin's site just yet, but the company says they will be available from "all major resellers" later this month.
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