Opterons to get 65nm treatment first

A production director for AMD stated last week that the first AMD chips based on 65nm process technology were scheduled to ship in October. According to AMD Middle East & Africa General Manager Dr. Gaith Kadir, though, those first chips will not be meant for the desktop. Kadir is quoted by T-Break as saying that Opteron manufacturing has now moved to 65nm—consistent with last week's statement that production for the first 65nm AMD chips had already hit "full flow"—but that 65nm Athlon 64s will follow "in the next few months."

This information fits with older reports that said AMD's first 65nm Athlon 64 X2 processors would hit PC vendors in December and the retail market early next year. Of course, if the first 65nm Opterons include 1000-series models, nothing should stop adventurous users from grabbing one and running it in a compatible Socket AM2 motherboard.

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