Mac Pro internals, Windows installation explored

Anand Lal Shimpi from AnandTech has gotten his hands on one of Apple’s new Mac Pros, and he’s put together an article that, among other thing, documents the process of changing the machine’s processor, upgrading the RAM, and installing Windows. Anand successfully managed to switch out the Mac Pro’s “Woodcrest” Xeons with engineering samples of Intel’s upcoming “Clovertown” quad-core Xeon. However, installing Windows XP on the Mac Pro using Boot Camp resulted in storage performance problems, and the only solution was to reinstall using a Windows XP CD slipstreamed with Intel’s 5000X chipset drivers.

Once in Windows, the Mac Pro’s gaming performance was also lower than that of a comparable Core 2 Duo machine, but this time because of the Mac Pro’s slower FB-DIMM memory. Apple’s new top of the line system might not satisfy some users’ criteria for the ideal combination of Mac and PC, but Anand’s article provides some useful tidbits for prospective buyers and current users who intend to get their hands dirty.

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