Microsoft spills the beans on Zune

As expected, the folks at Redmond officially announced their Zune portable media player along with other associated products and services today. Coming this holiday season, the Zune device will be available in black, brown, or white with a 30GB hard drive, 3.0″ display, “wireless technology,” and an FM tuner. The device’s built-in wireless capability will allow its users to exchange full songs that can then be listened to up to three times over three days. Users will also be able to share playlists, home-made recordings, and photos wirelessly. Each Zune player will come bundled with music and videos from record labels including EMI, Virgin Records, Ninja Tune, and Sub Pop Records. Some pictures of the Zune player are available here.

To complement the Zune device, Microsoft will introduce the Zune Marketplace, a music store that will allow customers to either buy tracks individually (iTunes-style) or pay a flat fee to download an unlimited number of songs (à la Napster.) The Zune will launch with some accessories, as well, including a Car Pack with a car charger and an FM transmitter; a Travel Pack with a bag, premium headphones, remote, sync cable, AC adapter; and an A/V Pack with a dock, remote, and cables necessary to plug the Zune into a TV or sound system.

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