Blizzard Entertainment licenses Havok FX

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the Warcraft series and Starcraft, has announced that it has licensed Havok's Havok 4.0 suite. Havok 4.0 includes Havok FX GPU-accelerated physics middleware, which enables acceleration of non-gameplay-vital physics elements using Shader Model 3.0-class Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. The technology has already been adopted by a handful of other studios like Eden Games, Flagship Studios, Gas Powered Games, Midway, and NetDevil. Aside from Havok FX, the Havok 4.0 suite comes with Havok Animation, which integrates game character animation with physics, and Havok Behavior. Havok 4.0 is also optimized for a number of platforms, including 64-bit versions of Windows, MacOS X, and even Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 console.
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