Radeon X1950 Pro coming in October?

The red team's anticipated retort to Nvidia's new GeForce 7900 GS has been postponed a month and will now launch on October 17, according to The Inquirer. That date will reportedly see ATI introduce both the RV570-based Radeon X1950 Pro and an RV560-based Radeon X1650 XT.

Reports have been floating around about these two cards for a while. They will supposedly be priced in the $199-249 and $149-199 ranges, respectively, and have both their graphics cores built using 80nm process technology. Specifications for the Radeon X1950 Pro are rumored to include 36 pixel shader processors, a 600MHz core clock speed, and 700MHz (1.4GHz effective) memory, with the Radeon X1650 XT to sport the same clocks but a more modest 24 pixel shader processors. The Inq says ATI has had samples of the two cards ready for a while, but that it has chosen to delay them, perhaps in order to leave more time for stocks of existing cards to shrink.

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