Apple ‘iPhone’ to launch in January 2007

Hot on the tail of Microsoft’s Zune Marketing Manager Chris Stephenson, who stated yesterday that a Zune phone was part of Microsoft’s plans, the folks at ThinkSecret have gotten hold of some new information about Apple’s own purported cell phone project. The site’s sources say they are confident that Apple will introduce a cell phone at the next Macworld Expo, which is set to run from January 8 to January 12, 2007. This device will reportedly be the first of three phones Apple plans to introduce next year.

Sources with “direct connections” to Apple’s plans have also revealed some tidbits about the device’s hardware. They say it will feature a 2.2″ display, a 3.0 megapixel camera, and complete iPod functionality with iTunes integration. Unlike Motorola’s ROKR, RAZR, and SLVR iTunes phones, the Apple phone will not have a 100-song limit and will only be restricted by its internal capacity (although the sources are ignorant of what that capacity will be.) The sources say nothing about the device’s looks, but an American Technology Research analyst stated earlier this month that the phone will have an “iPod nano-like candy bar form factor” and that it will come in three colors.

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