Microsoft sweet-talks EU with promise of new jobs

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement that it could delay Windows Vista's E.U. launch because of the European Commission's antitrust demands, research firm IDC has published a report that says Vista will help create 100,000 new jobs in six European nations next year. The report was commissioned by Microsoft and covers Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, and Spain. It adds that Vista will be responsible for $40 billion in economic activity and that for every euro Microsoft makes selling Vista, local companies like software vendors and retailers will earn over €13.

Of course, the report's numbers also suggest Microsoft will strongly benefit from Vista sales in the E.U. market. The study says the upcoming operating system will be installed on 30 million PCs in the six countries within the first year of release, representing nearly a third of Microsoft's expected 100 million worldwide Vista sales for that time period. Those six countries only account for 65% of all technology spending in the E.U. economic zone, so if the adoption rate for Vista is the same in countries that make up the remaining 35%, the E.U. economic zone will account for over 46% of Microsoft's global Vista sales between January 2007 and January 2008.

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