Future DVDs to have RFID copy-protection chips

The movie industry seems to be preparing some fairly drastic measures to prevent illegal copying of DVD movies, according to a report by VNUNet. U-Tech, a Ritek subsidiary that makes DVDs for studios like Warner, Disney, and Fox, told the site it is preparing to produce DVDs that have embedded Radio Frequency Identification chips. The chipped DVDs will only be part of a large-scale test with major movie studios at first, but eventually, VNUnet says home DVD players will come with built-in RFID readers that can reject discs that are either counterfeit or not being played in their intended region. The RFID chips will also allow studios to track individual DVDs from "factories to retail shelves to consumers' homes." And of course, the chip-on-disc technology will be applicable to Blu-ray and HD DVD media as well as DVDs.
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