Seagate demos 421 Gb/in² storage density

Engineers at Seagate have successfully achieved a storage density of 421 Gbits per square inch for the purpose of a magnetic recording demonstration, the company has announced. This density, which is over three times greater than that of Seagate's latest Barracuda 7200.10 hard drives, was achieved using a perpendicular recording head and thermally-stable recording media built with current production equipment.

With that much data crammed per square inch of platter space, Seagate reckons it can hit capacities of almost 2.5TB with desktop hard drives, 500GB with notebook hard drives, and 275GB with iPod-size 1" and 1.8" hard drives. Seagate says its demo proves that it can scale current technology "for the foreseeable future without major technology changes or capital additions." That said, the company is already looking for ways to continue boosting platter densities once current perpendicular recording tech reaches its peak, which is likely to happen in four to five years.

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