Intel bus licensing uncertainties to alienate ATI?

Rumors that ATI plans to withdraw from the Intel chipset market have been swirling for a while, and now DigiTimes has gotten some insider information about the reasons behind these purported plans. The site's sources at Taiwan motherboard manufacturers say Intel's current licensing agreement with ATI only covers front-side bus speeds up to 1,066MHz. Once it moves up to 1,333MHz next year (likely after AMD completes its acquisition of ATI) Intel may not decide to renew the brownish-green team's license. Due to this uncertainty, ATI has reportedly decided to scrap its plans for the Intel platform, which would explain rumors about the cancellation of the company's 65nm RD700, RS700, and RC710 chipsets previously scheduled for the second half of 2007.

Despite these rumors, ATI has told DigiTimes its upcoming RD600 chipset is still on track for a release in October. Motherboard makers are reportedly reluctant to adopt the chipset, but ATI itself claims it has "never heard of any negative response from partners concerning the RD600."

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