MSI adds CrossFire support to P965 Platinum board

Despite the rumored schism between Intel and ATI, users who'd like to get in on some multi-GPU action with a pair of Radeon graphics cards and an Intel processor haven't been entirely forgotten. MSI says it has introduced support for CrossFire multi-GPU setups in its Intel P965 Express-based P965 Platinum motherboard. The board includes the necessary two PCI Express x16 slots, and MSI says it designed the P965 Platinum with support for dual graphics cards in mind. However, one of the two PCI-E x16 slots only has four PCI-E lanes running through it, so graphics performance might not be optimal when compared to motherboards with x8/x8 or x16/x16 PCI-E lane configurations.

A larger problem may be the board's availability. Even though it launched back in July, the P965 Platinum seems to be conspicuously absent from most U.S. retailers' stocks. Our price search engine turns up nothing no returns for the Platinum, and major online retailers don't list the board, either.

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