Company launches batteries that charge via USB

Manufacturers all over the world are trying to shove anything and everything into our USB ports these days, from USB deco lights to USB heating gloves. A company called USBCell has come up with an unusual USB invention that actually looks quite useful, though: USB-chargeable AA batteries. Most self-respecting geeks already own one or more battery chargers, but such devices can be cumbersome to carry on a trip and especially abroad where they might require a power adaptor. USBCell batteries have no such limitation, and charge by plugging straight into a USB port. The batteries are currently only available in the United Kingdom for £12.99 a pair (equivalent to around $20 with the country’s Value Added Tax taken out,) but users outside Britain can register their interest and be placed on a pre-order list. USBCell is also planning AAA, 9V, and cell phone versions of its batteries. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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