ATI to unveil FireStream cards next week?

Validating prior speculation about a rumored line of “FireStream” general-purpose graphics processors from ATI, the red team has scheduled a press event during which it says it will unveil “a new class of processing known as Stream Computing.” The event will take place in San Francisco next week, on September 29. An ATI spokesman has also given The Register confirmation of the FireStream products’ existence, although he says the name is liable to change because of his employer’s impending tie-up with AMD.

Going by information from ATI’s Linux drivers as well as some leaked photos, the FireStream cards will sport R580 graphics processors and will be virtually identical to ATI’s existing FireGL 7350 workstation graphics cards. None of the reports seem to specify exactly what will differentiate the FireStream products on the hardware side, but the cards will presumably find their way into workstations and servers, where they will handle highly parallelized general-purpose computations instead of drawing pixels.

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