‘Torrenza’ initiative backed by Dell, HP, IBM

AMD has announced that its “Torrenza” initiative has been endorsed by a number of major players in the server market, including Cray, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, IBM, Dell, and Sun. The companies are all either developing or planning to develop Torrenza-based co-processors or derived products, and they also intend to evaluate AMD’s Torrenza Innovation Socket. The so-called Torrenza Innovation Socket Specification enables co-processors that plug right into Opteron processor sockets, allowing the co-processors to have their own memory banks right on the motherboard as well as a direct path to the cache of neighboring processors. Torrenza also allows co-processors that plug into HyperTransport eXpansion (HTX) slots, PCI Express-like slots that are available on some Opteron motherboards and offer access to a system’s processors and their memory.

According to an AMD spokesman who talked to CNet, the first co-processors based on the Torrenza Innovation Socket spec will begin appearing some time in 2007.

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