Poll: Your primary phone service?

Our new poll this week is about your main phone service. Traditional land lines have been the standard everywhere for decades, but lately users have begun to branch off to VoIP services, either as part of hybrid offerings like Vonage or ADSL-based subscriptions or via software clients like Skype. Some even scrap fixed lines altogether and prefer to stick with their cell phone. Which category do you fit in? Make sure to go vote and let us know!

Last week's poll was about the price range you think is the "sweet spot" for desktop graphics cards. The $200-249 arena seems to be the most popular here with 29% of votes, although the $150-199 segment is a close second with 28% of you thinking it is home to the best value for graphics cards. The $250-299 range is third in line with 21% of votes, and the $100-149 area is a distant fourth with just 8% of votes. All others price ranges received 5% or less of the total vote, so it's fair to say most of you are unlikely to splurge on the hottest and fastest offerings from ATI and Nvidia.

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