'Tulsa' Xeons to be bulk of Intel's 4-way sales

Despite being based on the older Netburst architecture and drawing up to 150W of power, Intel's recently launched Xeon 7100 "Tulsa" processors may do rather well in the four-way server processor segment next year. According to Taiwanese industry insiders quoted by DigiTimes, Tulsa will account for a whopping 85% of Intel's four-way server processor shipments in the first quarter of 2007. Tulsa chips will already make up 60% of Intel's 4P shipments in the fourth quarter of this year, the insiders claim. Meanwhile, sales of Intel's Netburst-based Xeon 7000-series (a.k.a. Paxville MP) will fall until they account for less than 5% of Intel's 4P server shipments by the second quarter of 2006.
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