Intel to duplicate AMD's Torrenza initiative?

Just as Intel followed in AMD's footsteps by adopting the x86-64 instruction set, the company may now replicate AMD's "Torrenza" initiative and open up its architecture to co-processor manufacturers, The Register reports. An announcement is expected at the coming Intel Developer Forum, which will run in San Francisco from September 26 to September 28. Intel's move will reportedly involve the addition of extensions to PCI Express and "other buses" to allow third parties to design co-processors that will slip into Xeon systems. The chipmaker also has co-processor-related plans for its upcoming retort to HyperTransport, the Common System Interface. However, The Register says CSI's debut will only come in 2008 with Itanium processors, and that Xeons might have to wait until 2009 to get a taste of the interconnect.
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