Japanese PS3 gets a pre-emptive price cut

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement that the Xbox 360's external HD DVD drive will launch on November 22 for $177 in Japan, Sony has responded by dropping the PlayStation 3's Japanese launch price. The cheaper variant of the console, which was previously due to launch at ¥62,790 ($539) will now carry a ¥49,980 ($429) price tag when it appears on Japanese store shelves on November 11. Sony hasn't said whether this cut will carry over to the U.S. and Europe, where the console is still set to launch at $499 and €499. However, considering Microsoft also plans to introduce its Xbox 360 Core System on November 2 in Japan for the equivalent of $256, perhaps the two companies will simply duke it out in Japan and leave North American and European customers to pay higher prices.
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