A quick update on the Win2K Detonators

— 12:50 AM on August 16, 2000

I got hit with a flood of mail in the wake of yesterday's overview of the new NVIDIA drivers in Win2K, raising a number of issues worth mentioning here:

  • First, some readers wrote in about poor Direct3D performance (I had only tested OpenGL). Taking a cue from them, I loaded up Unreal Tournament, and sure enough, it was practically unplayable. Dreadful. Obviously, the D3D portion of these things needs some serious work.

  • Some folks have had trouble installing the drivers. I tested the install on another PC here, a KA7/Athlon system, and it failed in Win2K. So I updated Win2K to Service Pack 1, and tried again. Same thing. In both cases, the system would boot, then hang with a black screen right as it should be displaying the Windows desktop.

    I was able to overcome the problem with my magic KA7 AGP stability formula of BIOS settings: Set the AGP driving value to EA, turn off AGP fast writes, and disable AGP 4X. Worked like a charm, and performance doesn't really suffer with this config. I expect this could work with any number of KX133-based motherboards. See my KA7 review for more info on this one.

  • A number of you wanted to know how to enable the extra overclocking options and such with these drivers. There are Registry files nicely packaged up for you right here at the GeForce FAQ (which, by the way, is an excellent resource).

  • The SMP freaks want to know if these drivers work with SMP mode (r_smp 1) in Quake 3. Sadly, my own SMP box is in pieces, having been cast aside for an Athlon system. So I haven't tried it. If any of you have given it a shot, please post a comment and let us know how/whether it works.
Anybody have any similar experiences with the Detonator 3 drivers in Win2K? They're still so fast in OpenGL, I'm keeping 'em.
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