Lenovo ThinkPads now vulnerable to battery fires?

A reader over at Gizmodo saw a ThinkPad notebook catch fire at LAX last week, and Reuters has now learned that the machine in question was a Lenovo-built ThinkPad T43 with a Sony battery. Dell, Apple, and most recently Toshiba have all initiated recalls of Sony batteries, and this incident suggests Lenovo could be next—even though the company claimed back in August that its machines were not vulnerable to the same spontaneous battery combustion problems as Apple and Dell notebooks. Lenovo has told Reuters that it is currently investigating the fire incident at LAX, and a Lenovo spokesman added that the faulty battery was indeed one of the same Sony models that was the subject of Dell's and Apple's recalls. However, a Sony spokesman said Sony has "not determined that the laptop in question was loaded with a Sony battery."
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