1Gbit Micron DDR3 chip samples ready to ship

Micron has completed work on a 1Gbit (128MB) DDR3 memory chip and is now ready to ship samples to its customers. The chip is fabbed using Micron's 78nm process technology and can run at clock speeds of up to 800MHz (1.6GHz DDR) with a voltage rating of 1.5V. As many as 16 of the chips can be packed onto a single module, offering up to 2GB of capacity per DIMM and a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 25.6GB/s in dual-channel configurations. Micron expects to start volume production of the 1Gbit DDR3 chips early next year and have 2Gbit chips ready in the same time frame.

Based on leaked Intel roadmaps, motherboards with DDR3 memory support will hit stores in the third quarter of next year. Memory market research firm DRAMeXchange reckons DDR3 RAM will account for 30% of the total memory market in 2008, and that it will overtake DDR2 in 2009.

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