Apple has shown "interest" in AMD

In an interview with ZDNet, AMD CTO Phil Hester has revealed some details about AMD's current dealings with Apple. After talking about platformization and commercial desktops, Hester confirmed that AMD and Apple had indeed been in talks. When asked if Apple had shown any interest in AMD's solutions, Hester replied, "I'd say interest, not necessarily any decisions." This statement fits with another remark made by AMD CEO Hector Ruiz last week. Ruiz stated that Apple would eventually use both AMD and Intel processors in order to not remain a "hostage" to Intel.

In addition to the Apple talk, Phil Hester revealed a few other interesting tidbits in the interview. He stated that AMD is looking into x86 processors for high-end, high-function phones, and reiterated that AMD aims to have integrated processor and graphics cores on a 45nm process in 2008.

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