New Intel chipset to complement cheap Conroes

Intel will make a new addition to its older 945 Express chipset line some time in the first quarter of next year, DigiTimes has learned from the usually-talkative Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers. The so-called 945GC chipset will include Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics, but unlike the existing 945GZ, it will have support for a PCI Express x16 slot.

DigiTimes' sources say the 945GC will serve to complement cheaper Conroe-based processors with 800MHz front-side bus speeds. Going by previous rumors, those chips will include the Pentium E1000 series (a.k.a. "Conroe-L") as well as a Core 2 Duo E4300. In addition, the sources claim Intel will use the 945GC as a safeguard to ensure sufficient supply of low-end core logic should ATI suddenly stop producing its own Intel-based chipsets after the AMD merger is completed.

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