Judge dismisses part of AMD lawsuit against Intel

Just a couple of weeks after AMD's antitrust complaint against Intel in Germany was escalated to the European Commission, the judge handling the AMD vs. Intel antitrust case in the U.S. has thrown out a large portion of AMD's lawsuit. Delaware District Court Judge Joseph Farnan has accepted Intel's argument that the AMD lawsuit largely covers foreign losses for processors that are neither produced nor assembled in the United States. The judge said in a statement, "AMD has not demonstrated that the alleged foreign conduct of Intel has direct, substantial and foreseeable effects in the United States which gives rise to its claim," adding that Intel's alleged activities might have at best "ripple effects" in the U.S.

After the ruling, an AMD spokesman retorted by saying that Intel "cannot escape antitrust scrutiny for its conduct wherever in the world it occurs"—a likely reference to Intel's antitrust woes in the E.U. as well as Korea and Japan.

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