Gigabyte P965, G965 boards gain CrossFire support

ATI announced last week that its new Catalyst 6.9 drivers allowed CrossFire multi-GPU setups to work with Intel P965-based motherboards, but some degree of support from motherboard manufacturers seems to be required. MSI was the first to tout CrossFire support for its P965 Platinum board last Tuesday, and now Gigabyte has joined the club with its GA-965P-DQ6, GA-965P-DS4, and GA-965G-DS4 motherboards. Asus is also about to enter the race, and it has let us know that a CrossFire-enabled BIOS for its P5B Deluxe motherboard is currently undergoing validation. That said, we should point out that all the aforementioned P965 boards have dual PCI Express x16 slots with lanes arranged in a x16/x4 configuration. CrossFire performance might be lower than with a more orthodox x8/x8 PCI-E lane arrangement like the one found on Intel 975X-based boards.
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