HP buys out Voodoo PC

Voodoo PC President and CTO Rahul Sood has posted an announcement on his blog saying his company has been acquired by HP. Sood mostly goes over the events leading up to the acquisition in his post, but he does reveal some juicy details towards the end:
With the help of a few good people at HP I will now be taking the position of Chief Technologist for the Gaming Division. [Voodoo PC CEO Ravi Sood] will take the position as the Director of Strategy for the Gaming Division. For what it’s worth the gaming division consists of VoodooPC and HP gaming products.

Both Ravi and I will report to [HP VP and CTO] Phil McKinney.

Voodoo will remain in Calgary and we shall continue to create premium luxury machines with more levels of personalization, and more features than we currently offer. Our strategy for the HP gaming portfolio is yet to be revealed – but expect the unexpected. . . . The bottom line: On behalf of Ravi, Trevor, Paul, Desmond, Angela, and the rest of the Voodoo team we are happy to report that HP has acquired Voodoo - and together – not separately - we are going to rock your world.

The acquisition comes just four and a half months after Dell completed its purchase of Alienware, although Voodoo PC had apparently been in talks with HP since last year. Sood says he was attracted by HP's R&D and intellectual property, adding that the HP corporate culture has changed for the better since current CEO Mark Hurd took Carly Fiorina's place in February 2005. Of course, some of those changes might have been for the worse—let's hope Rahul doesn't start to get followed by men in dark suits with sunglasses.
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