Poll: How many cores are enough for a desktop PC?

The megahertz race may be long over, but judging by Intel's latest plans, the processor market looks set for a core race. However, that prospect raises the question: just how many cores are enough for a desktop machine? Will desktop applications ever be able to fully utilize eight-core, 16-core, or even 128-core processors, or do you reckon the core race will follow in the megahertz race's footsteps and hit a ceiling, forcing chip designers to come up with new ways to increase processor power? That's what we're asking in our latest poll, so go vote and let us know what you think!

In last week's poll, we quizzed you about your main phone service. While VoIP solutions are getting a lot of attention these days, most of you are content relying on either your cell phone (52% of votes) or a traditional land line (33% of votes.) That leaves just 15% of those polled living on the edge with 8% using hybrid VoIP services, 4% using cable TV phone services, and only 2% using Skype or other solutions as their primary phone service.

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