Remedy shows off quad-core gaming at IDF

The company behind the Max Payne game series has shown off its upcoming title, Alan Wake, running on system with an Intel Kentsfield quad-core processor overclocked to 3.73GHz at IDF. The video is now up on YouTube, and it looks impressive to say the least. In the video, Remedy's Markus Mäki says a game like Alan Wake "simply couldn't be done on a single-core processor." The game's large outdoor environments transition pretty seamlessly between clear, sunny skies and different weather conditions like rain, wind, and fog, as well as night and day cycles. The latter part of the video also shows a tornado tearing apart some buildings and tossing debris around with full physics simulation, with Mäki adding that the game dedicates an entire processor core to physics computations alone. The end result actually doesn't look that far off from the Cell Factor demo Ageia uses to show off its PhysX physics processing unit. Thanks to TR reader Pjer for the heads-up.
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