Pictures of Nvidia's G80 hit the web

As various rumors about the specifications of Nvidia's upcoming G80 graphics processor make the rounds, members of a Chinese message board have dug up some purported pictures (translate here) of a G80 card. The card reportedly has a length of 28cm—considerably longer than the 22.9cm GeForce 7900 GTX—and the pictures show not one but two PCI Express power connectors. On the cooling front, the G80 board is strapped to a fairly large cooler that seems to pack more metal, a bigger plastic shroud, and a smaller fan than the GeForce 7900 GTX's cooling apparatus. One of the pictures also shows a version of the same heatsink and fan with a couple of pipes sticking out, presumably for hooking to a water cooling system.

Interestingly, a picture of the rear of the card shows mounting points for 12 memory chips. Assuming 512Mbit chips, the card would sport an unusual 768MB of RAM. However, the user who posted the pictures says the G80 will come with 1GB of GDDR4 RAM. Thanks to VR-Zone for the tip.

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